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irs form 8332

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Note If you are filing your return electronically you must file Form 8332 with Form 8453 U.S. Individual Income Tax Transmittal for an IRS e-file Return. See Form 8453 and its instructions for more details. If the divorce decree or separation agreement went into effect after 1984 and before 2009 the noncustodial parent can attach certain pages from the Page instead of Form 8332 provided that these pages are substantially similar to Form 8332. Use Part II if you choose to release a claim to...
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Comments and Help with irs 8332 form

Who Needs Form 8332?

This form is used by a custodial parent to release or revoke a claim to exemption for the child so that the noncustodial parent can claim an exemption.

What is the Purpose of Form 8332?

The main purpose of this form is to give a noncustodial parent the chance to claim an exemption for a child. The noncustodial parent can also claim the tax credit and the additional child tax credit. The information provided in the form is forwarded to the IRS to make a decision regarding the taxpayer’s case.

What Other Documents Must Accompany Form 8332?

This form is completed by the custodian parent and sent to the noncustodial parent. The latter attaches the form to their tax return form. If the custodial parent releases the claim to the exemption for the child for a future year, this form should also be attached to the tax return.

When is Form 8332 Due?

The Form must be filed together with the taxpayer’s return. The due date is the same as the tax return.

What Information Should be Provided in Form 8332?

The custodial parent has to add the following details:

  • Their name and SSN
  • The name of the child
  • The tax year

The form contains three parts which must be completed if required.

What do I Do with the Form after its Completion?

The completed form is forwarded to the noncustodial parent.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing irs form 8332
Instructions and Help about 8332 tax form
So in this video i wanted to walk you through uh the form 8332 releasing a claim to exemption for for child by the custodial parent um this is very important to file um if you've got you know parents that are no longer living together most frequently happens with divorced couples and then pursuant to a divorce decree you know it will stipulate one parent is entitled to claim the child on their taxes sometimes they alternate years um yeah just depends on what was you know agreed to as part of the divorce uh proceeding but so so i want to go through the most common um kind of example i see and then again why it's so important to make sure this is done otherwise the irs can you know refuse certain child tax credits that you might claim on your return and it just creates a mess so you don't want to do it so in this example we're going to the fact pattern is john q taxpayer he has a child uh with jane q taxpayer let's say and um you know the child is three years old and then john and jane get a...
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